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Melissa's Services

 NovaLash Services

Volume, Platinum and Sensitive Bond. Oil Proof, Sweat Proof and Waterproof

Initial Full Set 

$200 and up


Volume Full Set

$260 and up


Full Fill

$85 and up


Half Fill

$50 and up

*every 2 weeks only*

Lash Removal

Priced at Consultation


 Custom Facial

Experience customizable facials.  You will see and feel a visible difference in your renewed skin


(Ance prone/problem skin)

Detoxifying cucumber and tea tree reduce inflamation and prevent acne.


Natural retinol alternative and stemcells increase collagen production without the negative side effects.

*Bright Skin*

(Hyperpigmentation & dark spots)

Natural hydroquinone alternative to diminish and suppress dark spots.



Soothe irritation and hydrate sensitive skin with chamomile and arnica. relieves redness.


Smooth skin with natural enzymes that detoxify the skin from within.



50 Minutes

$85 and up

120 Minutes

$120 and up

 Extraction Facial

50 Minutes

$85 and up

 Express Facial

For those on-the-go and personalized to provide maximum results in minimal time

25 Minutes

$60 and up

Please Call To Request An Appointment

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